Property Maintenance
in Menorca

Property management services

Redorka has 40 years of experience in offering our owners a service package to ensure that they can feel confident and happy that their properties in Menorca arebeing cared for in the best possible way.

Maintenance Services

Once you have signed up for basic maintenance service, you can count on the availability of all our teams of professionals and the reassuring knowledge that your property will be checked regularly, that we offer an advisory service, plus 24-hour assistance to resolve any issues at any time.

In addition, all the following integrated services related to your property are available on request, such as cleaning services, plumbing and electrical work, carpentry, pool and garden maintenance, rental management,  renovations and building, painting and decorating, and architecture and interior design.

Cleaning Services

We have a very experienced cleaning team in Menorca who cover both the interior and exterior of properties. They are more than happy to respond to any specific demands by owners to ensure the freshness and brightness that your home deserves.

We have all the necessary equipment and appliances. We work with eco-friendly products to cause the least impact and pay due respect to our environment.

Our aim is to ensure that your home in Menorca is clean and disinfected so that you can enjoy your property on the island to the full.

Plumbing and electrical work

We have an expert team of plumbers and electricians en Menorca, with over 35 years of experience. They can install anything and resolve any issue that may arise in your property.

They are always available, there for you to make your stay as pleasant as possible. Whenever you have a problem, they do their best to fix it as soon as they can. Your comfort and wellbeing is our priority.


We have long standing artisan carpenters with all the knowledge that this implies. You can rely on them to make or supply any work to do with all things wooden, ranging from a simple project to the making of any wooden element that you require. Doors, windows, pergolas, platforms etc. Everything you could possibly want made from such a magnificent element, wood.

We also have a team of professionals who specialise inaluminium, PVC etc carpentry, and can provide anything that you need to be made with these materials.

Pool maintenance

We have a highly qualified team to maintain and care for your pool. They all hold certificates and diplomas to back up their management of materials used for pool care.

The team maintains pools to ensure that your pool is always in perfect condition for you to enjoy swimming in.

With experience in both chlorine and saline pools, the staff make regular visits to check the chlorine levels, free chlorine and ph on each occasion. They aim for your pool to be crystal-clean.


We have a full team of professional gardeners in Menorca, who will look after your garden and fill your property with colour and scent while staying true to their great commitment to nature.

They have all been instructed in the use of tools and any chemical products that are required. We also promote the use of eco-friendly products for the benefit of our environment.

We want to enhance the lovely spaces in your home with a garden that reflects freshness and joy.

Repairs and renovation

We have a great team of very experienced people in the repairs and renovation sector in Menorca, who can do any sort of job for you, from a small renovation to a new build.

Proof of this are all the builds we have completed over the years and our total commitment to meeting deadlines and ensuring quality service.

We have specialists on our team who focus on different work such as:Application of microcement, Stucco and all sorts of concrete flooring. We also build swimming-pools, dry-stone walls, roofs etc.

Advertise your property

If you own a property in Menorca and are interested in renting or selling it, please get in touch with us so that we can help to optimise your business options.

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